Acknowledge the First Responder of 9-11-2001 who were deliberately forgotten because they acted when the NYC OEM command and control was decapitated with the plane crashes into the WTC. 

The standard protocol was for all Hospitals to await directions from OEM in any emergency. 

Roxanne was working on the 9 fl of Brooklyn Hospital as a perdium nurse with White Glove agency. She and other staff waited for the ER to fill with patients, but when noone showed the staff took matters into their own hands and left to Manhattan to wash out thousands of fleeing citizens. Citizens, many of whom could not see, breathe or smell because of the dust blocking their airways and eyes. These brave souls set up ad hoc triage site like in front of Pace University at the foot of the bridge.

Little did they know that for their sacrafice they would be denied proper medical after they too became injured from the dust exposure that day.

White Glove and Brooklyn Hospital said at the Workers Compensation hearing that she was not eligible for medical expenses and compensation while she was in a coma because " of the unauthorized transfer of personnel on 9-11-2001". 

Turns out that Roxanne's step sister in common law, Diane Urban,  was working at the WTC that morning of 9-11-2001 for the NYS Insurance Department and stopped at one of the sky lobbies to stay with a coworker who had injuries. She perished there.

Roxanne eventually perished from the lack of Medical care ,caused by Jose Araujo Esq, A NYC Board of Election Commisioner, who lied to Judge Thomas in Guardianship Court to set off a #BrittanySpears type freeze of Asset in effort to steal 496 million WTC URIR grant, 2 Billion Court case, WTC Family Benefits, the air rights of MTA properties and 4.1 trillion MTA Cellular contract from us all.

That lie lead to the death of My mother and Roxanne's Mother by Judge Thomas Taking charge of the entire extended family associated with me and denying medical care resulting in their deaths and the freezing of assets for lawyers and Judge Spatt , having WWII connection to the defendants in Eastern District moved with NYS to permanently block me from seeking court intervention by issueing a broad and permanent injunction against me in any court to coverup the multiple RICO enterprise attacks against myself,  the bid rigging of the 99 year lease of the WTC , and the murder attempt by Edward Gersh on myself and murder of Judge Sheila Abdus Salaam after the 2017 appeal was started.. Thus it is Alleged the Murder, not a suicide,  of Judge Sheila Abdus Salaam was initiated to coverup who , what, was used to deflect the 496 million to the RICO enterprise defrauding the 2006 MTA cellular RFP.

I need your help to expose the murder and get these Nurses recognized for there service on 9-11-2001. I need your signatures and your friend's signatures by July 12.2022 to be listed on the ballot in the general election and get into congress to facilitate the changes that need to be made in federal law.

Her son deserves to know how selfless whe was and needs our support as he is challenged since birth.