On 9-11-2001 medical staff defied the standing order to stay and wait for injured from the WTC attacks. MY common law wife Roxanne , an RN,  was working the 9 floor of Brooklyn Hospital next to Greene Park.

I dropped her off at Brooklyn Hospital at 6:30 am.

She watched the buildings crash down one after the other but no-one came to the ER.

What she did not know, was that the command and control of the NYC OEM was decapitated because the City defied my objections to placing the OEM command center in the WTC using oil stored backup energy for those data centers. I was a bidder for the 99 year lease of the WTC center but that was being bid rigged by Silverstein and Port Authority who were using my stolen time machine network and wanted to establish a monopoly of access to the Wall street trading using my time machine with ATT.

These Nurses and Doctors and staff grew frustrated by the lack of response and no ER patients.

SO while the hospital followed proceedures estabished with OEM stood pat. doing nothing.

These Doctors and Nurses and staff decided to act on their own and went over the bridges to triage and was out what Roxanne said were thousands of people who couldnt breath because the eyes , ears , noses and throats were blocked by debris. They washed out thousands of people saving them so they could escape.

When it came clear that those exposures resulted in injuries to Roxanne the Hospital at the Workers Compensation hearing said " she was injured as unauthorized transfer of personnel.

All these medical staff must be officially admitted into the WTC Benefits of FIrst Responders as they were denied support to coverup the bid rigging of the WTC and the advertising of exclusive access to the time machine from 7 wtc and the entire WTC to collect trillions in trading profits. People outside the U.S. provided funds for the 1996 and 9-11-2001 attacks.

Support the expansion of the honor of first responders to these true first responders who did lose every thing and recieved no acknowledgement.