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On this day in 1965, the message got out that you where free......

On this day in 2006, 2017 Judge Sheila Abdus Salaam found in the Hudson River before her decision to expose the MTA conspiracy and theft of 496 million ...not a suicide.

You see the cellular MTA  award was given to Transit Wireless llc who never submitted a timely offer, but rather the offer of my company was internally switched and reworked to appear as if was filed by Transit Wireless minus the free bus and trains.  "chaching" for them.

That original WNIS contract offer gave all NYC citizens near free Subway and Trains paid for using my patent for advertising online and in kiosks and my time machine.

I effectively made all NYC Citizens partners in the offer since we were the targets for the advertising and much like "Prince " realized that controling the Master of his recordings freed him from servitude of the recording studies.

This campaign is about recovering the contract for all and freeing us from the slavery that was impossed on us by Fraud.

The first step is to get teh evidence of the murder of Judge Sheila Abdus Salaam. 

I am issuing a reward for information about the night on the hudson shores when she ended up in the Hudson River min April 2017.

It is my duty and yours to finally find the murderers no matter who is protecting them.

Join the campaign and get the signatures for me to represent you in the House of Representatives and direct the Justice Department and the DOT to launch investigations and restore our freedom.

Judge Sheila Abdus Salaam was killed as a result of her deeming the award part of a conspiracy to steal 9-11-2001 Hud Grant for WTC URIR and her 

New June Fifteenth call for Freedom and Justice for Judge Sheila Abdus Salaam